Our 48-Hour Mission

Central Florida is brimming with tech talent- you know it, we know it; it’s time to work together and let everyone else know it!

Our goal is to bring together people from various creative and technical fields to develop fun games that generate excitement among the public about space travel & exploration. Our dream is that these same individuals find new ways to work together and form lasting relationships. We hope to put the national spotlight on Central Florida and show off our unique combinations of talent and, even more, that the games we make help promote interest in STEAM education to the generations that will carry these concepts into the future.


Challenge Categories

Below are a few of the categories teams can form around to create solutions for and tackle.

A local or networked multiplayer experience focused on teamwork towards a training need.

An automated simulation experience with that dosn’t require external input to facilitate training.

An experience addressing trauma symptoms, treatment and recovery for active and retired military.

A simulated experience for training that immerses the user through engaging gameplay and UX

Are you ready to join in?

Food everyday, Working with awesome talented people, working on something cool like Space Games, lasting connections & opportunities