What is the Armed Forces Jam?

It’s THE collaborative Game Dev Event that
works closely with the Armed Forces held annually in Florida

1. an event in which individuals come together in a physical environment and attempt to rapidly prototype a game (video or otherwise) focused on some element of the challenges faced by the various branches of the Armed Forces in a limited amount of time; She was on the team that made that awesome game I love at the Armed Forces Jam!

This will be the 1st ever Armed Forces Jam, and we’re excited to bring this event to fruition with the amazing resources we have within Orlando & the Central Florida region for our Armed Forces and the Modeling Simulation & Training. We’re going to bring fun challenges to create Armed Forces focused games as well as cutting edge simulations, and a great opportunity to connect with an amazing crop of talent, mentors & leaders from both the Armed Forces, MS&T and Video Game industry. This is your chance to build something extraordinary with talented peers from all over Central Florida. Become part of a team or stay a lone wolf charting a course to fun and excitement.

Everyone is welcome to participate throughout the 48-hour Jam. We’re looking for artists, programmers, game designers, UI & UX designers, sound designers, writers, poets, interpretive dancers, people excited about games, people excited about improving our armed forces, people who like to eat pizza, and people like you. Register today and get ready to jam!

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The Battlefield is dangerous, This Jam doesn’t have to be

Attendees will pass through a centralized gate where someone will check your temperature. Have a fever? Sorry you’ll have to work from home!

We don’t have to be right on top of each other. Lets keep 3 feet / 1M of distance between us where possible

When you’re walking around away from your home base please be courteous and wear a mask. Having your mask off while eating or seated at your desk is ok

If you’re vaccinated, thank you! If you’re not yet, please wear a mask at all times. We will have them available.

So how does the event go?

Through the chaos of development comes something beautiful


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